Sydney began working in metals in her father's studio in 2013, in Farmington, Georgia, overlooking the shoals of the Greenbriar Creek and the Old Mill Run.  Growing up watching her father, Gary Lee Noffke, work instilled in her an interest in art, design and functional objects.  After graduating with fashion merchandising and an international affairs degree from the University of Georgia, she went on to work in the fashion industry in New York.  After a year, she decided she wanted to create something she loved.  She moved back to Athens, Georgia to design and make jewelry; specifically working in fine gold jewelry.  
Her aesthetic mostly comes from growing up and traveling to Italy with the University of Georgia Art Department studies abroad program, finding constant inspiration visiting museums and gardens.  Sydney learned to love relics, patinas and textures from use and age.  Her favorite texture is made from tools her father hammered into an Etruscan wall.  Her work is hand done purposefully to avoid machine forming and finishing and express more human touch.  
Each piece is forged from 24K gold shot, melted in a charcoal block into balls of equal size.  She makes the posts one at a time with upset ends for stronger solder joints.  No two pieces are exactly alike.  The work is based on simple forms with soft textures and the lushness of pure gold in a proper scale.  
She has also developed other metal forming skills, mostly concentrating on hot forging silver spoons, Gary's favorite process and object to make.  Together they have made many personalized baby spoons and it is now her specialty.  Commissions in gold and or silver will require two to three months to complete.  Designs may include birthstones or family heirlooms of appropriate scale and materials.